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Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Sudani Meets President Biden to Deepen US-Iraq Partnership Amid Regional Challenges

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, met on Monday with the US President, Joe Biden, in the White House in the US capital, Washington DC.

Al-Sudani stated that Iraq is attempting to transition from a military alliance to a comprehensive partnership with the United States, emphasizing the significance of his visit to Washington at this delicate juncture.

The Iraqi Prime Minister noted that the battle against ISIS served as the cornerstone of collaboration between Iraq and the United States, confirming that Iraq is recovering and seeing advancements in service projects.

“We will discuss the sustainable partnership in accordance with the strategic framework agreement,” Al-Sudani said.

The Iraqi Prime Minister indicated his government’s commitment to the outcomes of the Higher Coordination Committee (HCC) between Iraq and the United States.

“We reject attacks on civilians, especially women and children,” Al-Sudani stated.

The Iraqi Premier highlighted the importance of stopping the devastating war in Gaza and the need to prevent the conflict in the region from expanding.

Al-Sudani also reiterated the Iraqi government’s commitment to protecting diplomatic missions.

Biden explained that the partnership between Iraq and the United States is extremely important.

The US President thanked Al-Sudani for promoting the Iraqi economy and achieving energy independence.

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