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EOI– MOC Presentation

We are delighted to announce that Energy Offshore International Chemicals Trading L.L.C. presented its principal EMCO Engineering. EMCO is an international water solutions provider. For the past 3 decades, they have focused on and excelled in providing innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions to their clients across the globe

The central focus of the event revolved around EOI’s presentation of their capabilities for
Water treatment plants, wastewater (sewage and effluent) treatment plants, produced water
treatment plants, reverse osmosis desalination treatment plants, existing treatment plant
upgrades, refurbishments, operations, and maintenance are all areas of expertise for EOI,
which also offers control and automation solutions.
The event took place in Kurmick Maysan Hotel, Amarah, Iraq on June 14 , 2023 in the
presence of the esteemed Missan Oil Company (MOC) who enriched the event with more
than 20 participants from all the concerned departments

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